From my Q & A stash:

Why it is necessary to compare one’s personal characteristics, attributes, lifestyles, skills and traits to the those of a successful entrepreneur?

It isn’t necessary, but it can be useful.

Every goal that we set out to reach is most effectively met with certain skills, capacities, behaviors and abilities. I recommend looking at the goals you currently have and making a list of the skills, capacities, behaviors and abilities (SCBA’s) that you say are most needed to fully satisfy that goal.

Of those skills, capacities, behaviors and abilities, which are you already strong and effective with? In which are you okay, but to meet the goal effectively you’d need to enhance? And which are needed for the goal, but you are either weak in or perhaps don’t have the SCBA’s at all?

For those areas that you see development would be useful, go out and find others who are demonstrating those skills – and this is where looking to successful entrepreneurs can be quite helpful – since so much gets written about entrepreneurs, you’re likely to find information about those SCBA’s by looking at them. What can you learn from the experience and lesson of entrepreneurial leadership? How did they develop themselves in those SCBA’s? What would you need to put in practice that would support your own development in those areas?

Follow that exploration with inquiring into in what other ways could you develop those skills in yourself?

While comparisons generally aren’t very useful, these recommendations aren’t about comparison, they’re about considering what is needed for where you are headed.