What We Do

Conscious Business Leadership: The Art and Science of achieving Intention, Purpose, and Goals.

Our Conscious Business Leadership programs support you to achieve your purpose (even if you don’t know what that is yet). Working with us, you will deliver extraordinary conscious and purposeful results.  And, you will experience a new level of satisfaction and integration between your inner priorities and your external expression.  

Together, we will shine a new light on your current perspectives and beliefs. How do they move you forward? How do they hold you back? Looking at the practices that make up your day to day activities, we’ll ask – are they deliberately designed? Are they habits that need an update? What practices do you need to fulfill your purpose and deliver your goals? Do your practices and values line up?  

Our Programs

Executive Coaching This unique, year-long program is for leaders who are committed to conscious development, growth and results. You will engage your mind, body, heart and spirit in fulfilling your purpose and making the extraordinary happen.  

Leadership Development Programs We have been delivering conscious, global leadership development programs for more than 25 years. We custom design all programs for your team and organization.   

The Business Mastery Challenge™ For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, The Challenge is a 16-week rigorous and life altering program. Results are remarkable.

Assessments  Assessments help you to discover blindspots that may be obstacles to development and they provide different perspectives to your usual way of understanding yourself and others. We offer an in-depth personality profile; a 360º feedback survey; a culture survey; an in-depth self-understanding profile; and a complexity decision making assessment.

To talk to us, or for more information on any of our programs, please connect with us.