What We Do

Conscious Business Leadership: The Art and Science of achieving Purpose, Intention and Goals.

All of PoP’s programs, consulting and coaching are focused on achieving your firm’s purpose. This means that we focus on the alignment of values, practices and actions with purpose.  When those are consistently aligned with purpose, your people will experience a new level of satisfaction and coherence between their inner priorities and their external expression. Second, your firm will experience startling outcomes as a result of this focus. Third, the transactions between your organization and all of its stakeholders (customers, employees, vendors, investors and the community) will be infused with integrity. The integrity of truly walking your talk and fulfilling your purpose has everything to do with the results and outcomes you deliver. 

Where we get to work At PoP Associates is on the practices that make up the day to day for you and your staff. What are the practices needed to create and realize a purpose, an intention or a goal? Because we don’t separate practices from values, we make certain your purpose and practices fully align with your values. When purpose, values and practices are aligned, organizations and individuals work and operate in harmony with what is important to them, and makes their business unique.  

Our Programs

The Business Mastery Challenge

The Challenge is a 16 week program for leaders and teams.  Beginning with clarity and alignment on team and individual purpose, the program produces sustainable alterations in behavior and in outcomes.

  • Creation, articulation and alignment of purpose, intention and outcomes
  • Design practices, actions and behaviors from values, intentions and vision. Design group and individual practices.
  • Deliver startling outcomes – without focusing on goals or deliverables.

Practices and structures for 16 weeks create remarkable outcomes – and generate sustainability.

Leadership Development Programs

PoP Associates custom designs all development programs for your team and organization.  Sample programs include:

The Practice of Leadership™ – a year long rigorous and intensive program designed for senior leadership teams who are committed to realizing the outcomes of their purpose.  Teams participating in this program must be committed to stepping off the edge into what’s next for their enterprise (and delivering it), willing to practice over a period of time, and willing to be surprised.

Conscious Business Leadership & Reality™ – most of us have a weak relationship with the facts of our reality, preferring to engage in “possibility” thinking and/or denial.  Experience the freedom and power that are available in dealing with reality in this three day program. Create practices to support a powerful relationship with things exactly the way they are.

Hacking Your Beliefs™ –  this one day program is designed to provoke leaders to look at their unexamined, limiting assumptions and beliefs and the ways they unconsciously continue to validate those beliefs.  This program provides an eye opening experience of the impact of our unconsciousness on creativity, innovation and progress.

Powerful Presentations: A Bootcamp for Maximizing Your Impact™ – This seven day program is for trainers, educators, facilitators and program leaders who want to make the shift from leading programs that are designed for informational learning to programs that make a life-altering, transformational impact. 

Executive Coaching

PoP Associates Executive Coaching is a comprehensive year long program for leaders who are committed to an integral approach to development, growth and effective execution.  When you participate in our Executive Coaching Programs,  you bring your mind, body, heart and spirit to your coaching commitment. 

Executives in this rigorous program are committed to realizing their purpose – they know and understand that the quality of their leadership makes a substantial (if not the) difference in their teams, organizations, industries and their own lives. 

We design our programs using The Values Orienting Lens™, personality assessments, and integral theory methodology – a holistic perspective, taking into account your worldview and how that shapes your development. 


The Leadership Circle 360º Manager as well as the Senior Leader Assessments
The Enneagram Personality Profile

For more information on any of our consulting or leadership programs, please connect with us at contactus@popassociates.com or call 1.214.714.4654