When and how should personal or social values influence the decisions of business leaders?

Personal and social values are always going to influence the decisions of business leaders. They are humans.

That doesn’t mean that their personal and social values have to determine their decisions however.

It is useful to note though that when a leader seems to make a decision that goes against their personal or social values – there is still something they are valuing when they make the decision. They are simply prioritizing one value over another.

They may be prioritizing a value for the humans involved as less important than the survival of the business. Or, they may choose the opposite way around (choosing not to impinge the humans, but hurting the business).

When a decision is made, it is made from valuing and prioritizing the potential of one outcome over others. As a leader, you must consider the impact on you, your organization and your community as you decide which priority you’ll value over the others.