It’s fall.  That glorious, colorful movement into rejuvenation time.  The time to reflect, reassess, and examine our lives.

While these activities can happen at any time – winter, spring, summer or fall – why not use nature’s natural rhythm to support a yearly practice of reflection?

Take the time to stand in the fullness of your life.  Sense, look and listen deeply into your life – dusting out the nooks and crannies, peering into unexamined habits, listening for overused phrases and justifications, sensing the movement and direction of your growth (and lack thereof).

Set aside time to do this work. For some of us, it’ll be a weekend. For others, perhaps an hour. Whatever time you devote, here are some ideas for reflecting:

1. Is my body fit and healthy? If yes, which practices shall I keep? Which could be retired? If not, what practices do I need to stop (or diminish)? Which practices could I add? How will I be accountable for those practices? (Consider diet, exercise, water, sleep).

2. Where am I growing? Where am I sliding along? In what areas have I taken significant ground? In what areas could I dig in for support and growth?  What do I want to learn about next?  How am I continuing to develop my mind?

3. Are my spaces open, fresh, with everything in it’s place? Do I experience joy/peace/satisfaction when I open my closet doors (garage doors, cupboards, desk, office space, kitchen, car, etc.)?  Am I hanging on to anything that would better serve me by selling it or donating it?  Where is my stuff a reminder of things better left in the past?  Do my spaces create the future I’m deliberately moving toward?

4. Are my relationships healthy? Am I at peace with the people that matter most? Are my communications honest and caring? Am I avoiding anyone? Is there anyone I want to spend more time with and haven’t yet? What are my habits around relationships?  Which of those habits support strong and nurturing relationships both at work and at home? Which of those habits perpetuate relationships that are weak or non-existent?

5. Is my spiritual life robust? Do I experience being connected with nature in a satisfying way? Do my practices reflect my values? Do I walk my talk? Refresh your practices in your life of spirit.

I would enjoy hearing about your experiences of reflection and renewal.  For my part, I’m currently at a spiritual retreat and am examining the totality of life – the experience of bringing presence and awareness to all of it.

Andrea Bednar is Founder & CEO of PoP Associates LLC.  She is committed to the expansion of Conscious Business Leadership and her practices as a consultant and executive coach are designed from there.