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Conscious Business Leadership

The Conscious Business Leadership Advantage –
Alignment between values and actions

In business we focus on producing results. It’s what we get paid for. It’s how we are measured. Having our attention on results has been important and productive.

However the landscape for business is evolving. We are becoming more conscious of our business’ impact on our stakeholders and on the world. We realize that a single-minded focus on “get it done” can frequently have seriously negative repercussions. Doing so has produced organizations and people engaged in short-term thinking, driving and sacrificing for immediate results, taking shortcuts (or the “most efficient” path) for results delivery, disengaged workforces, loss of trust in institutions, but particularly, a sacrifice to our personal and organizational values. Focusing on results is like a farmer putting his attention on the apples instead of what it takes to grow and care for the tree. It’s simply not the optimum place to put your individual or collective consciousness.

Our work is about connecting deeply with one’s values – both current values and aspirational values. When we are reconnected with what’s most important, we can then begin the work of designing practices, behaviors, actions and habits that fulfill those values. Operating from our personal and organizational values delivers satisfying outcomes.

At PoP Associates, we work with you to develop conscious senior business leaders who create environments that allow for discovery, inquiry and – producing startling outcomes that are in complete alignment with values.